Where can I sleep?

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Where Can I Sleep?



We have just limited number of rooms in your University residences. In that sense, most of the students will have to find their own private accommodation in the city of Lisbon. Needless to say that the Erasmus Office will provide with all the necessary information and help in the search for a private house or room (about 250 € per month per student), as well as the Students Union. Finding a shared flat with other students is really easy near our Institute. Foreign students requiring ISCSP’s help in finding accommodation should contact the Students Union directly.

In order to help you, we have gathered a list of private accommodation to rent, which you can consult here Private Accommodation (houses or rooms)bt_download.

Furthermore, you can also find more housing opportunities in the website of the Erasmus Lisboa association. To do so, please check http://www.erasmuslisboa.com/index.php?lang=en.

One other opportunity is to take advantage of the low prices in the Alfama Patio Hostel, but just for the first days or weeks. For more information, please click herebt_download.

Students can also try to apply to one of following non-University residences available in the city of Lisbon. Please click herebt_download and herebt_download or check http://www.lisbonstoryguesthouse.com/.


Students can also check HTTP://www.myplacetostay.net for more information on accommodation in Lisbon.







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