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Food and accommodation

During your stay here in Lisbon, you can have lunch at our ISCSP cafeteria, where hot meals and lighter snacks at affordable prices can be found. The average price per meal at ISCSP is 5€. Besides, on the Campus of Ajuda, you can find the canteen, located 2 minutes away on foot, which can provide you a full meal (soup, bread, main course or vegetarian, dessert, water or juice) for €2.70.

It is the entire responsibility of the student to find his/her own private accommodation in the city, considering we have just limited number of rooms in your University residences. However, it is very easy to find a flat to rent and/or to share in Lisbon.

In order to help you, can also find some housing opportunities in the website of the Erasmus Lisboa association and of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN).

You can also check the website of the Study in Lisbon Lounge, a space created by the Lisbon City Council that has the function of helping students on their arrival in the city.

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