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How to apply?

The School of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP) is delighted to welcome exchange students from around the world and aims to make their time in Portugal as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. The School staff is available to provide help and assistance from the day students express interest in studying at our School until the day of departure.  

In the first place, Erasmus students must be nominated by their home university to ISCSP, by e-mail. After this, the students will receive an e-mail from the Mobility Office with all the instructions in order to do their application in FenixEdu ISCSP (Online Platform). Afterwards, students will need to upload the Learning Agreement signed by the student and the Home University. Then, the Learning Agreement must be uploaded in FenixEdu along with the Transcript of Records and the Copy of your ID/Passport

Learning Agreement (DOCX) (0.09 MB)

The closing date to nominate the students wanting to come:

  • for the 1st semester or full academic year is June 1st;
  • for the 2nd semester is November 1st.

Additionally, the closing date for completing and sending the application documents is:

  • June 15th for students wanting to come for the 1st semester or for a full academic year;
  • November 15th for students wanting to come for the 2nd semester.

Once the application has been accepted an acceptance letter will be sent uploaded on Personal Profile in FenixEdu. Before arriving in Lisbon, the student must bring the Identity Card/Passport and the Health Insurance European Card.

At ISCSP, different courses from different degrees and different years, among BA and MA, can be chosen, in accordance with our and all classes are taught in Portuguese. However, as a large part of the bibliography recommended by lecturers comes from other countries, lecturers and students may be able to come to an agreement on holding assessment tests in another language known by both. Nevertheless, we promote an A1 Portuguese Language Course for a small price and in order to know more information please contact

Mobility Guide (PDF) (1.04 MB)
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